Riza Asanov, Chairman of ‘Crimea’ Polish foundation, told QHA news agency about the incident.

The situation surrounding Belogorsk School #3, where a large number of Crimean Tatar children are enrolled, began to unfold in early May 2016.

Back then, Crimean Tatar graduates expressed their willingness to dance Horan, a traditional Crimean Tatar dance, on their graduation day. However, the school’s headmistress forbade that, saying that ‘no national dances should replace the traditional waltz’.

After the situation drew public attention, a senior FSS official paid a visit to the school. After the visit, the headmistress promised to allow the students to perform their national dance.

“The headmistress claims she got misunderstood, because she suggested dancing Horan at the prom and not on the graduation day when all of the school’s students will be present. I hoped there'd be a limit to how low they could go, but it turned out that really hate our culture,” said Riza Asanov.

It was reported earlier that the official graduation day at Crimean school is May 25.

Horan is a traditional Crimean Tatar dance, which is performed at weddings, national holidays and mass celebrations.