All the Crimean Tatars arrested in the morning on February 21 on trumped-up charges of participating in an unauthorized rally, are tortured, according to the lawyer Emil Kurbedinov.

Thus, the detainees told him that they were not allowed to eat or drink after their arrest, they had to stay in an unheated transport, and the detained activist Grigor reported on beatings.

“All the detainees stated that they deliberately were not provided with food and drink from morning till late at night, while all were kept in the vehicle, which was not heated. This is torture! Also, a detained civil society activist Grigor said that he was beaten immediately in the car. He hardly walked into the courtroom!”

Earlier, under decision of the "Kyiv District Court" Marlen Mustafayev was found guilty of committing an administrative offense and was arrested for 11 days.

Previously, in the morning of February 21 it became known about another illegal search in the Crimea. At 7:30 armed men burst into the home of Crimean Tatar Marlen Mustafayev in Kamenka, Simferopol.

After some time, the activists reported on social networks about the detention of 10 or 20 people, according to different sourses, who came to support the Mustafayev family. The detainees were accused of participating in an unauthorized rally under Article 20.2, Part. 1, of the RF Code of Administrative Offences.

Photo: Internet