Crimean Tatars in the annexed Crimea will not take part in the presidential elections in the Russian Federation and are preparing a number of protest actions, the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Akhtem Chiyhoz reported.

According to him, Crimean Tatars are taking such a step, despite the repression of the occupation authorities.

"Their main task is the Crimea, and I am sure that our people will not participate in the vote, despite those repressions, and moreover seeing that every family today is subjected to organized terror. In such a situation, the people will mobilize and will show their protest against these elections," Chiygoz said.

Chiygoz further noted that already this month the events will begin to demonstrate the attitude of the Crimean Tatar people towards the presidential elections of the aggressor country.

According to him, such actions will be mainly held on the territory of the mainland Ukraine, but in the territory of the Crimea as well.

Meanwhile, detentions continue in the occupied Crimea. February 2,
Crimean Tatar activists - Rustem Murasov and Rustem Tairov - were stopped by the traffic police, latter FSB officers arrived and interrogated the Crimean Tatars one by one. Both Rustem Murasov and Rustem Tairov are civil activists and regularly attend places of searches and trials. Due to the publicity made by other activists and the organization Crimean Solidarity, they were soon released.

Source: Channel 112