Crimean Tatars are urged to use Crimean Tatar language in conversation with the representatives of government offices, with reference to Article 10 of Crimean constitution, that declares Crimean Tatar language the state language, along with Russian and Ukrainian.

Head of Central executive committee of Kurultay Zair Smedlyaev said this to QHA.

According to Smedlyaev, on May 4, he was summoned to investigating committee for questioning on the events that took place May 3, when thousands Crimean Tatars arrived at the Crimea-Ukraine border to met Mustafa Jemilev, who was banned entry to the peninsula.

“To make Crimean Tatar language be used all over Crimea, I decided to speak Crimean Tatar in government offices. In order to realize my right to use Crimean Tatar language, they will have to provide an interpreter”- he stressed.

Smedlyaev noted, this practice will consolidate the status of Crimean Tatar language and will provide new jobs to Crimean Tatar specialists.

“We should make every effort to preserve our language that is at the vanishing point. Moreover, hundreds of young specialists cannot find a job. Is we use Crimean Tatar language when submitting applications and other documents and if we demand our language to be use in official institutions, then government will have to employ our specialist” – Smedlyaev summed up.