The plant Crimean Titan in the annexed Crimea resumed work after chemical emissions occurred there about one and a half months ago, "Head" of Armyansk city administration Vasily Telizhenko reported to Kryminform on October 22.

“On Saturday [October 20] the plant was launched. The facility went through all the processes. The plant needs about a week to start working in full capacity,” he noted.

The press service of the "management" of Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources Rosprirodnadzor in Crimea stated that during the launch of the plant, they took samples at chemical emission sources, and also checked the efficiency of gas-cleaning equipment.

It is further reported that experts checked air pollution within the sanitary protection zone of the Crimean Titan plant.
QHA reported that at the end of August, residents of Armyansk began to complain about the deteriorating environmental situation in the city. Overnight rust appeared on metal objects in the street. People began to suffer massively from allergies.
Soon, the “authorities” of Crimea declared that acid pollution of the Crimean Titan plant had caused the pollution.

On September 14, the city introduced a state of emergency, however, it was already canceled on September 23. Children were evacuated from the city to the sanatorium on the South Coast of the Crimea, and placed in unsuitable living conditions. Ukrainian authorities have declared their readiness to receive children from Armyansk in sanatoriums in the Kherson region.

Source: Kryminform