The Council for Interethnic Relations Commission under the President of the Russian Federation has prepared the proposals for the colonization of the sparsely populated areas of the Far East and Siberia, Izvestia reports.

According to the publication, the Chairman of the Commission Aslambek Paskachev is to announce them at the Council meeting in October. After that, the proposals will be presented to Russian President. According to Paskachev, it is necessary to develop a program of mass movement of people from regions with surplus manpower to places where they do not suffice.

“The first candidates for resettlement will be residents of some regions of Central Russia, Southern Federal District and the North Caucasus. According to some estimates, from 500 thousand to 1 million of able-bodied people, who are ready for resettlement, live in the south of the country,” Paskachev says.

Giving reasons, he noted that the Russian Federation needs to handle its territory and to settle its own citizens in the depopulated regions.

“For example, in the last quarter of a century there was outflow of population from the Far East. It is necessary to replenish it! If we are creating the territory of priority development in the Far East, we need people there. First, it is necessary to determine where and how many professionals we need. And second, to determine the regions, which specialists we need to relocate,” Paskachev said.

As QHA reported earlier, in September 2015, Russia created the Agency for the development of human capital in the Far East, whose mission is to ensure the growth and development of human capital assets in the region. This Russian region is very specific: there is a lot of work, but few of those who have to do it. Therefore, the employers are waiting for ship captains of fishing fleet, civil engineers, designers, welders, turners, mechanics, drivers, auto mechanics and trawling specialists.

In order to speed up the migration process the institution is ready to give a hectare of land in the Far East for every Russian citizen for free use. More recently, the occupation authorities decided to add on those citizens living in the territory of annexed Crimea.