According to the Russian Territorial body of Federal Statistics service in Crimea "Krymstat", in two years, lunch in cafes of Crimea has risen in price by 42%, and dinner at the restaurant - by 52%, the source informed.

According to this information, in May 2017, a lunch in a Crimean café cost, on average, 524 rubles (about 240 UAH), while the most expensive was in Kerch - 611 rubles., and the cheapest in Yalta - 490 rubles.

Over the year (compared to the level of prices in May 2016), the cost of lunches increased by 3%, and a sharp increase was observed in prices in the Yevpatoria city cafes, which comprised 24%.

Thus, over the past two years, lunch in the Crimea on average went up in price by 42% - from 367 to 524 rubles.

Dinner at a restaurant (per person, including alcoholic beverages) on average in the Crimea now costs 2312 rubles (about 1055 UAH), with the most expensive in Yalta - 3089 rubles, and the cheapest in Simferopol - 2168 rubles. Over the year the cost of dinner increased by 12%, over two years - by 52%.

Earlier, QHA reported that sky-high prices for products in Crimea frighten even the residents of the Russian capital, whose salaries are much higher than an average Crimean salary.

PHOTO: Internet