The so-called ‘Ministry of  the Crimean Housing Services and Utilities’ has published reports on the Public Utilities' work in winter, reported the New Day agency.

- As of today, 52%  of the Crimean boilers, 49% of heating systems and 50% of central heating units are ready to operate. Multi-family housing stock is prepared at the level of 42%. Preparation of water supply and sanitation sector facilities is implemented at the level of 45%, the Crimean "authorities" reported on the progress. 

The Kremlin-controlled Fuel and Power Ministry has already worked out a schedule of rolling blackouts on the peninsula during the cold season.

However Aksenov 'comforts' the Crimean people assuring that the blackouts will be held during  ‘the most cold peaks when the air temperature is lower than -25 ° C’ and only for entities. 

- The people won't suffer anywhere, there is nothing to worry about, promises the ‘Head’ of Crimea.

According to the President of the Center for Global Studies ‘Strategy X’, Mikhail Gonchar, the Southern Russia remains one of the most energy-deficient regions.

 During the international conference 'The militarization of the occupied Crimea as a threat to international security,' Mikhail Gonchar said that Russia does not have the necessary equipment to provide the required amount of power to Crimea.

Power outages are constantly held in the occupied peninsula. ‘The authorities' explain the power outages saying this is ‘planned maintenance.’ Therefore, in  August  the city of Sevastopol will face daytime power outages due to the overhaul of transformer and distribution substations.

Photo: Interne