On the air of one of the Kremlin-controlled Crimean TV channels, the Chairman of the so-called State Committee for Prices and Tariffs of the Republic of Crimea Nina Zotovich said that utility tariffs on the peninsula would increase more often than in Russia on the average, and tariffs will be further increased until the Crimea reaches an "economically justified level".

“We have average tariffs for water supply of 29 rubles, but in Krasnodar it is 33 rubles, and in Rostov - 41 rubles. We decided that the level of neighbors for us is not an indicator. We are trying to reach the level of 35 rubles," Zotovich emphasized.

She also stressed that, according to a special order of pricing in the Crimea, the "committee" has the right, "in contrast to the entire territory of Russia," to raise tariffs three times during the year, but not more than 15% at a time.

Earlier, in late January, the self-proclaimed Head of the Crimea Sergei Aksyonov also spoke about the need to bring tariffs for utilities to "economically justified level."

PHOTO: Internet