(QHA) -

Crimean Tatar National Movement (CTNM) has appealed to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, EU European Commission, Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with a statement on situation in Crimea.

The statement was adopted on at the all-Crimean session of Crimean Tatar National Movement representatives.

The decree “on rehabilitation of the Armenian, Bulgarian, Greek, Crimean Tatar and German population who suffered during the Stalin repression”, signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on April 21, is "not a political and legal instrument to restore the legitimate rights of Crimean Tatar people, as it contrary to the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the basic principles of international law, including the rights of indigenous Crimean Tatar people for self-determination."

“The adopted decree concerns national minorities, among them Armenians, Bulgarians, Greeks and Germans, deported from Crimea - reads the statement. Legal rights of Crimean Tatars cannot be restored without restoration of their right for self-determination, within the autonomy of Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of 1921”.

"The territory of the Crimean peninsula has been and remains the subject of claims in geopolitical aspirations of the concerned states.  It will last until the Crimean issue is solved once and for all, with the counties of Black sea region guarantee the implementation of rights of Crimean Tatar people on their Homeland”- the statement summed up.