The cyclone, which is coming from the south, will bring bad weather to Ukraine. All the country except the West will face rains and sleet, according to Ukrdromettsentr.

The wind will be mainly northeast, on the south - south-west of 5-10 m / s.

Rain with sleet is also expected in Kiev. The wind will be mainly western, 5-10 m / s. At night the temperature is 1-3 ° C, in the afternoon - 3-5°C.

On March, 4 the air temperature in the western part of Ukraine will be 4-9 ° C, in the Carpathian region - up to 12 ° C. The northern areas will face rain, sometimes with sleet, 1-6 ° C.

Rain is also expected in the south and central part of the country with the air temperature being 12 ° C and 5-11° correspondingly.

Photo: Internet