Czech activists gathered to at the Wenceslas Square in Prague, the Czech Republic, to support Kiev protesters, Euroradio informs.

The rally started with signing the national anthem of Ukraine.

As reported, Euromaidan is also being held in Brno and Karlovy Vary. According to the organizers, people are worried about Yanukovich’s visit to Moscow appointed for December 17.

To be noted, on December 17 session of the Russian-Ukrainian intergovernmental commission in Moscow will be chaired by the two presidents, Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych. The session is expected to consider the most pressing aspects of bilateral trade and economic cooperation, coordinate joint steps to promote promising mutually-beneficial projects, primarily in energy, transport, space, farming, investment and regional cooperation.

Still the Presidents are not going to sign any documents connected with Ukraine joining the Customs Union on December 17, Ukrainian PM Nikolay Azarov told.