Today, August 23, on the occasion of the Day of the National Flag of Ukraine from Henichesk (Kherson region), the motor rally started to the checkpoint of entry and exit "Chongar" at the administrative border with the occupied Crimea.

According to the idea of the organizers of the action, a solemn raising of the national flag will take place near the "Chongar" checkpoint.

The Head of the Henichesk district state administration Oleksandr Vorobyev said, that this ceremony symbolizes that the Crimea is Ukraine.

“The flag on Chongar symbolizes the unity of our state. It symbolizes that Crimea is Ukraine. The time is coming when we will unite the Ukrainian lands seized by Russia!”

Also, a procession with the flags of Ukraine took place in Henichesk. Participants of the procession completed the action near the Henichesk District State Administration, where the solemn rising of the National Flag was held.

Earlier, the festival of modern Ukrainian music "Tvoya Kraina Fest" (Your Country Fest), organized with the support of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, was held at the administrative border with Crimea. The concert was attended by thousands of residents and guests of Henichesk, and some people from the occupied peninsula.

Source: Krym. Realii