The problem of drinking water in the occupied Kerch, Crimea, is planned to be resolved only in two years, according to the acting head of Russian Federal agency of Water Resources Rosvodresursov Vadim Nikanorov.

"A large pipeline is currently being built there, which will be connected to the sources of underground water supply and eliminate the water shortage, so I would not talk about some global problems that occur in the Crimea. of Construction is to be completed in a year, or two.”

He further stated that previously reservoirs supplying the city were also used for agriculture, but at the moment priority was given to domestic and drinking water supply.

Earlier, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Ministry of Natural Resources to develop a program to eliminate water shortages in the occupied peninsula.

Reportedly, residents of the annexed Crimea are forced to drink water that does not meet the standards. Studying of sanitary and chemical indicators of 9 thousand 436 drinking water samples in the occupied Crimea revealed that 6.9% of samples were non-conforming.

Source: Kerch.FM