Eight Crimean Tatars were laid off in the Central District Hospital in the town of Belogorsk. And those specialists had been trained and received certificates in accordance with Russian law, QHA own sources in Crimea report.

The Belogorsky Central District issued an order on reduction No.250 of November 6, 2015 post factum. However, the dentists were notified of dismissal only at the beginning of November this year. 

The dentist deprived of work explain the situation by the fact that they were deliberately called to the work on May 18, 2016 in order that none of them was able to go to the meeting in memory of victims of the 1944 Deportation. However, all of them, performing their civic duty, attended the meeting, and went to work on May 19.

All the eight dentists, who worked on a one-quarter-time basis, have lost their main place of work.

Photo: Internet