Crimean Tatar Nedim Khalilov who was Deported May 15 this year from Crimea to Uzbekistan appealed to the Ukrainian authorities to facilitate his return to Ukraine.

With such a request Khalilov addressed the Ambassador of Ukraine in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In a letter to the Aambassador, he points that he was forcibly expelled from the annexed Crimea.

Nedim Khalilov notes that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, according to the actions of the Russian authorities, does not recognize the legal fact of the existence of a departure sheet of January 29, 2002, on which he left for permanent residence to Ukraine, and since then he has not expressed his desire to return to Republic of Uzbekistan.

The activist explained that he cannot leave Uzbekistan alone, since he does not have the relevant documents, but the Crimean Tatar refuses to receive an Uzbek passport.

Earlier it was reported that the occupation authorities put the Crimean Tatar activist Nedim Khalilov to the plane and sent to Uzbekistan.

Khalilov was expelled from Crimea by the decision of the Crimean court. He arrived in Crimea in 1986, but did not receive Ukrainian citizenship, having a USSR passport with him.

Source: Crimean Human Rights Group