May 24, in the house of the Crimean Tatar Ervin Ibragimov a dua timed to the anniversary of his disappearance was held.

The Head of the CEC of the Kurultai of the Crimean Tatar people Zair Smedlyaev shared photos of the event.

“Despite the bad weather, hundreds of compatriots came from all regions of the Crimea, prayed for the safe return of Ervin and other abductees and the release of those illegally arrested.”

Smedlyaev also shot an appeal of the Deputy Chairman of Mejlis Ilmi Umerov to the present:

“After Ervin disappeared, a criminal case was opened. At first law enforcement officers pretended to work, but recently no actions have been carried out in the case of Ervin's disappearance. Unfortunately, we do not know what happened to him and where he is. If he was somewhere close, he would have actively participated in the national movement, he would have been with the people and tried to be useful. There is a feeling that he is alive and well, and no other way. I believe that he will return to the family and will be with us.”

Crimean Tatar activist Lenora Dyulber came to dua for Ibragimov as well:

“It is raining in Crimea, but it did not stop many people from coming to Bakhchysarai. Dua was held in the house where Ervin Ibragimov lives, namely in the basement, where people sheltered from the bad weather."

Reference: May 24 was the year since the disappearance of a member of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars, member of the Bakhchysarai regional Mejlis Ervin Ibragimov. Ervin was kidnapped in Bakhchysarai on May 24, 2016. Throughout the year, people come to Ervin's parents' home from all over the Crimea to support them.

Earlier QHA reported that in connection with the disappearance of Ervin Ibragimov, the World Congress of the Crimean Tatars published an official statement, stressing that this incident is on Russia conscience.
PHOTO: Zair Smedlyaev Facebook page