(QHA) - The record-breaking 400,000-firework display in Dubai crowned extravagant New Year’s celebrations around the world, which elsewhere included edible snowfall, greetings from space and billions of euros in lottery prizes, RT reports. In one of the most spectacular episodes of the global New Year celebrations the world's tallest tower Burj Khalifa turned into a gigantic fireworks launcher, bursting forth an array of colorful lights into the Dubai sky as part of the city’s Guinness World Record bid. The overall fireworks display in the emirate lasted for 6 minutes and spanned 100 kilometers. Almost half a million fireworks were set off from 400 locations using 100 computers. "It is really mind-blowing, the size of this," said Barrett Wissman, co-chairman of IMG Artists, which managed the Dubai event, AP reported. The event beat the previous record set by Kuwait in 2011, when more than 70,000 fireworks were let off during an hour-long display.