The inhabitants of the occupied Crimea, who remained on the peninsula after annexation, are afraid of how Ukraine will treat them, the leader of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev reported in an interview with

“And people who welcomed the invaders feel such a fear: they are afraid of the way Ukraine will now treat them. This is not only ordinary people, but also collaborators. It is a difficult question. I think that Ukraine should make some messages. Collaborators differ. If a person did not commit crimes against citizens of Ukraine and works in essential services of the peninsula, than Ukraine will not consider this as treason.”

According to Dzhemilev, even if the mood of the inhabitants of the Crimea, previously supporting the annexation, has changed, they will not say about this.

“You can take a microphone, walk through the streets of Simferopol and ask people if you are happy that Crimea is a part of Russia. Obligatory answer will be: “yes”, “it is very good”, “Putin is a fine fellow”. They can avoid the answer, otherwise the consequences are possible. They discussed if it is better in Russia or it was better in Ukraine in talk shows in Crimea. Obligatory result is that everything was bad before, but now it is good. It seems that they are discussing, but everyone knows perfectly well what to say”.

Dzhemilev went on saying that after signing of the decision on Ukraine visa-free travelling with the EU, the demand for biometric Ukrainian passports has increased.

“Most Crimeans have Ukrainian passports. Those who has a hope, they can be welcomed. But now, when Ukraine has got visa-free travelling, even active collaborators rushed for biometric passports. They come to Ukraine freely”.

Earlier QHA reported that, Dzhemilev informed, that the number of students who study in Ukrainian has decreased by 36 times in the Crimea.