The Crimean occupation authorities decided to suspend the work of the Crimean Titan plant in connection with the pollution of air in the Armyansk region and its surroundings, the head of the puppet government Sergey Aksyonov informed on his Facebook page.

According to him, the work of the plant is suspended for two weeks. He noted that, with increasing daytime temperatures, the maximum permissible concentration of sulfuric anhydride in the air exceeded the norm.

“On August 23, an unpleasant smell appeared in Armyansk, local residents complained of tickling in the throat, irritation of the mucous in the nose. Since the 23rd, the air, water and soil were measured by the appropriate services daily.

This night, due to the change in the weather, with the fall of the night temperature and, accordingly, with the increase in the daytime, the maximum permissible concentration of sulfuric anhydride exceeded the norm for the first time.

This morning I talked with the head of the Rosprerebnadzor of the RF Anna Popova, a meeting was held, and working groups from all control agencies arrived. According to the results of the meeting, I made a decision, with the approval of the management of the Titan plant, to suspend the work of the plant for two weeks… No reasons for panic or emergency. Nothing threatens life and health of citizens. This is an official statement.”

Although, Aksyonov further noted that two-weeks holidays are announced at schools and kindergartens of Armyansk and all the children will be taken to sanatoriums.

Despite the reassuring, local residents are quite resented with the situation, as can be seen from the comments to this official statement. Crimeans note that the situation has been concerning back in the beginning of August but nobody reacted. People also doubt the safety, seeing the consequences of the chemical pollution.

“Nothing threatens life and health? Say it to my father, whose roof and gate went rusty and harvest was damaged in a night. And who has been vomiting for three days,” one of the local residents wrote.

It is noted that the Aksyonov took decision to suspend the work of the plant together with the Head of the Rosprerebnadzor of the RF Anna Popova.

On September 3, Ukrainian border guards of the Kherson detachment discovered the presence of chemicals in the air at the administrative border with the annexed Crimea. The border guards informed the local authorities, the State Emergency Service and other law-enforcement bodies about the fact and made changes in the organization of the border guard service.

August 27, residents of the occupied Armyansk complained about an ecological catastrophe and stated that all metal objects in the city went rusty in a day, and people started feeling allergic.