Russian-controlled "Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources" of the annexed Crimea discovered almost 500 violations of Russian environmental legislation in the first three months of 2017. The sum of fines collected from violators has already amounted to about 1.7 million rubles, according to the report on the official website of the so-called ministry.

“Resulting from consideration of cases on administrative violations, 174 rulings were issued on the imposition of penalties in the form of fines on the amount of 3 million 423 thousand 300 rubles. The total sum of collected penalties amounted to 1 million 686 thousand 649 rubles.”

Reportedly, on the basis of the violations identified by the Crimean "authorities", 85 cases of damage were calculated for a total of 3 billion rubles.
Most of them are calculated on the facts of violations in the field of protection, use and reproduction of flora objects.

Earlier, it was reported that the damage from illegal deforestation in the occupied Crimea since the beginning of the year has been evaluated at hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

PHOTO: Internet