The National Council decided to check a Kherson radio station "ACS" due to the on-air statements accusing Crimean Tatars of involvement in the terrorist attacks, Sergey Kostinsky reported on Facebook.

- The decision has been taken since we have spotted the cases that foster ethnic hatred. In addition, the Board will check the STB TV Channel as we have recorded the offenses in the announcements and such TV shows as "The Battle of extrasensory ", "Honey, we are killing children," "I feel shy of my body," "The moment of Truth," wrote the official.

Kostinsky also said that the Gamma TV Channel has been issued a warning because of the statements by a former Communist Party leader Petro Symonenko inciting to national hatred.

The Gamma TV Channel is the Ukraine's first digital terrestrial channel operating since 2009 and broadcasting in Kiev region.

- The National Council is making decision on the further activities of the TV Company "Gamma" since it regularly airs Petro Symonenko whose statements foster national hatred, wrote Sergey Kostinsky.

Today, June 10, 2016 Kherson region holds a visiting session of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting. The Council is to present a modified strategy on the development of broadcasting in Kherson region, as well as airing to Crimea.

Photo: Internet