Ukraine managed to overcome Russian propaganda during the application campaign this year, Valentina Potapova, an expert on education for residents of the occupied territories of the "Almenda" Center for Civil Education said on June 14, during the press-conference "University admissions process 2017: Will Crimean Students Choose a Free Society?",  QHA correspondent reported.

"Perhaps the most positive assessment of our information campaign was the statement of the Russia Deputy Minister of Education that Ukraine had begun a hybrid war against Russia, taking young people from the Crimea and providing sufficiently serious benefits on admission. So, they valued the process”, she said.

The expert stressed that names and all personal data of the Crimeans will be encrypted to ensure applicants not to be afraid of persecution by the occupation authorities.

Introduction of a visa-free regime for Ukraine with the EU helped to make the application process more effective, according to Potapova.

"According to the passport offices of the Kherson region mostly young people arrive there to get biometric passports. Visa-free regime made a very good gift to the university admissions process this year. So young people and their parents can make their choice to stay in a closed society or to be part of the open one”, she added.

Reference, The educational centers "Crimea – Ukraine" begin to accept documents on July 19 and it will last until September 30. Crimean graduates, who wish to receive education in the mainland Ukraine, can enter Ukrainian universities in a simplified procedure.