Famous Turkish writer Ahmet Ümit at the presentation of his book "Kırlangıç Çığlığı"(Swallow’s leden) in an exclusive interview with QHA condemned the annexation of the Crimea by Russia.

Ümit, who was educated in Russia, said that not only the annexation of Crimea by the RF, but the annexation of any territories by the other states is unacceptable in general.

“Attempts to conquer Crimea are a big mistake. I condemn such an invasion of the Russian Federation. No state has the right to annex the territory of another,” he said.

Ümit in his book talks about violence against children in the refugee community. According to him, the life of refugees is the most connected with violence.

“The children and women of this population group are the most vulnerable. My book tells about them,” he said.

Earlier, Ukraine's Ambassador to Turkey Andrii Sybiha informed that with the participation of the embassy and the Ukrainian community "Shevchenko Days" were held in Turkey. According to him, the works of the great Ukrainian poet, translated into Turkish, impressed the Turkish audience.