Russian President Vladimir Putin's statement that "there is no torture in Russia" should serve as a signal to law enforcement officers to be accurate when using torture, lawyer Mark Feigin said in an interview with Ukrinform.

"The statements like 'There is no torture in Russia' made by the head the state are very important in an authoritarian system, which is now formed in Russia. He (Putin) said this in connection with Panov and Zahtey (Ukrainians arrested by Russian occupying authorities in Crimea). It is clear that this is not true. But the ones, who carry out the torture, will hear the signal. They know they use torture. But if the chief says so, then they should try to torture carefully, not much. In authoritarian systems cogs catch and perceive each signal from their overlord," Feigin said.

As QHA reported earlier, Panov sent a statement on the torture used against him to the Investigative Committee Dec 8, asking to check the actions of the FSB officers who detained him. According to Panov, after his arrest the FSB officers tortured him by electric shocks, beaten with iron fittings and hanged him from the ceiling by handcuffs.

Photo: Internet