For 2015 the level of freedom in the media has fallen to its lowest level over the last 12 years, reads the Freedom House’s updated report. 

Thus, according to the report, the restrictions imposed on journalist are associated with the criminal, terrorist and political pressure. As such, the largest death toll of journalists has been recorded in Syria (at least 14 people) over the past year.

The report notes that Russia today is the "pioneer of modern government propaganda." The Kremlin has significantly strengthened the control over private information, and stepped up its efforts to manipulate the media "in a geopolitically important policy issues with neighboring countries: Ukraine, Moldova, the Baltic countries and Central Asia."

In addition, the report says that Russia is experiencing a "reorientation of its disinformation machine" from Ukraine to the "new Putin’s feat abroad" - an operation in Syria.

Experts have assessed the situation of media freedom in 199 countries and territories. According to them, among the worst countries in the context of press freedom are Belarus – 192nd position, Ukrainian Crimea annexed by Russian – 195th, Iran - 190th, Uzbekistan - 197th, Turkmenistan – 198th and North Korea - 199th.

It was reported earlier that the so-called Crimean prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya opened a criminal case against the journalist of Krym. Realii edition (regional subdivision of Ukrainian Radio Liberty - Ed.) for calls to violate the Russian Federation territorial integrity and extremism.

Photo: Internet