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The first international flight has left Simferopol airport for Istanbul, Turkey on July 19, for the first time since Crimean annexation by Russia.

A Yak-42 turbojet of the Grozny Airlines that accommodates 100 people took off from Simferopol airport on Saturday. Most of the passengers were Turkey citizens.

Crimean authorities named the flight marquee event and assured that another international flights to be operated from Simferopol soon.

“The future flights will depend on economic expediency and the terms of the receiving side, - Crimea’s Deputy Transport Minister Anatoly Tsurkin said. For now we have agreed that Turkey will receive the first flight. It is difficult to say how things will go in future,”-he added.

It should be noted the plane made technical landing in Russian city of Anapa.

The move comes as European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation Eurocontrol has banned European air companies flying to Crimea, following the region’s annexation.

Europe’s largest air company Turkish Airlines and other companies have suspended their work in Crimea.