Residents of Armyansk in the annexed Crimea reported new chemical emissions, according to information they publish in social networks.

So, according to citizens, Armyansk is covered with thick fog and the smell of acid reappeared.

“Here it is. For the third day in a row I observe these drops after I wipe the previous ones. It's just awful. Every time there are more of them. Plus, the fog is mixed with this filth. Next stop is “Fragrant,” breathe deeply.”

Users of social networks say that the situation has worsened tonight, October 19. Due to fumes, people do not let their children out of homes. Residents of the city complain about the stench and wonder how long they are supposed to put up with the situation.

“Acid fog in Armyansk. The video was made this morning by my mother who lives in the second microdistrict. She's not a great cameraman, but you can see how deposition on windows reacts on soda.”

At the same time, the “authorities” of Armyansk did not comment on new emissions, however, they stated that the level of hydrogen chloride was exceeded in the city. The city introduced an order according to which children are recommended to stay in closed rooms.

QHA reported that locals planned to hold a rally against toxic emissions щn October 12 in Armyansk. They were going to come to the rally in masks and gauze bandages. However, the event was canceled due to the fact that the “Member” of the Kremlin-controlled Armyansk City Council, Viktor Mokhov, was holding a meeting with voters at the venue.

Then, the resident of Armyansk Ekaterina Pivovar, who called to go to the rally on social networks, was visited by the officers of the "police" and "prosecutors".

Meanwhile, the “authorities” of Crimea still assured that the situation in Armyansk was stable.

On October 11, residents of Armyansk reported that a new emission of toxic substances into the air had occurred on the Crimean Titan plant, which had resulted in burns.

The first reports of the deteriorating environmental situation in the north of the Crimea appeared in late August. Over one night, metal objects became rusty, and people began to massively suffer from allergies.
Source: Segodnya