An asphalt concrete plant was built near the military airfield Belbek in the occupied Crimea. It was quickly built by a company from Kaluga (Russia) to produce materials for the reconstruction of the airfield, the public association The Fifth Defense of Sevastopol reports.

Residents of the nearby village of Lyubimovka informed in social networks about acrid smoke billowing from the chimney of the plant.

They note that the factory did not even install filters.

“The second day of the asphalt plant functioning. It was built without filters, it releases tons of harmful substances into the air. There is one such factory in the city, near Sevavtodor [Road facility in Sevastopol - Ed.], but it meets the ecology rules. Doesn't it have to meet the rules here? People are choking. We have to close the windows,” residents of the village reported.

According to information received by the public association, the plant should stop working after the completion of the reconstruction of the airfield.

On October 11, residents of Armyansk in the north of the Crimea reported another release of toxic substances at the Crimean Titan plant.

October 12, residents of Armyansk (Crimea) planned to hold a rally against toxic emissions, but it was canceled. Instead of a rally, a local MP met with voters, the “head” of Crimea Aksyonov also arrived in the city.

According to Deputy Minister for Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Yuri Grymchak, chemical emissions in Armyansk occur with a certain regularity, since the consequences of a man-made accident at the plant are not eliminated.