August 9 the Ukrainian city of Melitopol hosted the socio-cultural forum "Three People - One Root" in the Karaite ethnographic centre "Kale" to the International Day of Indigenous Peoples.

The forum was attended by the Permanent Representative of the president of Ukraine to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Boris Babin, the director of the department for culture, tourism of nationalities and religions of the Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration Vladislav Moroko, the mayor of Melitopol Serhiy Minko, the Chairman of the Association of National Minorities of Zaporizhzhya region Naufal Hamdani, as well as the Chairmen of the Tatar and Crimean Tatar nationalities cultural societies of Zaporizhzhya.

Representatives of indigenous peoples of the occupied Crimea also take part in the forum. The forum participants spoke about the value of indigenous peoples, creating conditions for the preservation and development of their culture, religions, languages and traditions.

Thus, according to Vladislav Moroko, the Crimean Tatar autonomy should have been created back in 1991.

“For the Russian Empire, small nations do not represent value, they are expendable for games on the world chess board. The Ukrainian state values small nations. It is clear that our state owes the Crimean Tatar people. To tell the truth, the national Crimean Tatar autonomy should have been created back in 1991, or at least in 1996, when the Constitution of Ukraine was adopted. Then we exchanged this idea and gave in to the Communists who promised to vote for this document,” he said.

Reference: The International Day of the World's Indigenous People is celebrated on August 9. This initiative was submitted by the UN General Assembly. At the moment, most indigenous languages are threatened with extinction.

August 9, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed the diplomats to draft a new resolution on the Crimea in connection with the International Day of Indigenous Peoples.

The Head of state noted that Ukraine continues to struggle "for the de-occupation of the Crimea and freedom of the Crimean Tatar people."

Source: MB