The Kyiv Media Center "Olivets" hosted the Media Forum Terciman, dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the publication of the first Crimean Tatar newspaper Terciman ("Translator") on the topic: "Crimean issue in the Ukrainian media".

The organizers of the event are UA: Suspilne Movlenia, radio Hayat, Krym. Realii, Radio Liberty, Hromadske Radio.

During the forum the question "How to integrate the Crimean issue into the Ukrainian media space?" was discussed.


QHA reported that on April 10, 1883 the first Crimean Tatar newspaper Terciman (Translator), founded by the Crimean Tatar educator Ismail Gasprinsky, was published. Since, 2011, April 10 is celebrated as the Day of Crimean Tatar Journalism.