Among the 11 available radio frequencies granted by the results of the competition, four were given to companies which will broadcast their programs on the territory of the annexed Crimea. Peninsula residents will soon be able to hear such companies as NTCU ("Ukrainian Radio" Central Directorate), OOO TK "Atlant-SV" from Kyiv, "Radio Crimea. Realities "and OOO TRC" SOFIA" from Kherson.

Reportedly, these radio stations will begin broadcasting as soon as construction of the new radio tower completed in Chongar.
December 2, the second section of the tower of 150 meters high was installed. The tower will enable broadcast of Ukrainian channels and radio stations on the Russia-annexed peninsula.

Turkey agreed on Ukrainian frequencies, which will be broadcasting from the new telecommunications tower in the area of the control checkpoint "Chongar" in Genichesk district of Kherson region in the Russia-annexed Crimea. Thus, Turkey has again made ally of Ukraine.

Photo: Internet