The FSB stated that two of the three citizens detained in Crimea on November 9 admitted to working for the Ukrainian intelligence, according to the Russian "Interfax" referring to the interrogation video, distributed by the FSB press service.

According to the publication, Dmitry Shtyblikov and Aleksey Bessarabov confessed to working for the Ukrainian intelligence during the interrogation.

Video with interrogations of Dmitry Shtyblikov and Aleksey Bessarabov has been published on Youtube today.

The video shows that Dmitry Shtyblikov says he is a Colonel of Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine who collected intelligence data on the deployment of Russian troops in Crimea and was engaged in the selection of objects for diversions.
Aleksey Bessarabov claims to be a Colonel of GUR Defense Ministry of Ukraine as well.

November 9, the Russian special services in Sevastopol detained three residents of Crimea: Dmitry Shtyblikov, Vladimir Dudka and Aleksey Bessarabov. Lawyers and relatives of the detainees have not been able to meet them, since their whereabouts are still not precisely determined.

Photo: Internet