Russian security forces in the annexed Crimea torture the detainees with electric shocks to receive the necessary confessions, the coordinator of the Crimean Contact Group for Human Rights Abdureshit Dzepparov stated during the meeting of the association "Crimean Solidarity" on August 26 in Bakhchisaray, Sotsportal reports citing "Crimea. Reality".

This information was also confirmed by the lawyer Edem Semedlyaev:

“They (victims of FSB tortures - Ed.) are not Russian citizens, so they do not want their names to be mentioned. According to their stories, when they were detained after the search, two brothers were tortured. The security officials tied them to chairs and beat them. They were kicked and beaten by several persons, and in the end they were tortured with electric shocks.”

Moreover, these savage tortures were used in sensitive spots of the detained people. Then they were threatened with reprisal if they told anyone about these methods of interrogation.
One of the victims admitted to the lawyer that the security officials acted professionally on them.

“They were beating in a way not to leave any traces of violence,” Sememlyaev explained.

According to human rights activists, torture by electric shock is not the first incident of this kind in the occupied Crimea. The occupation authorities systematically conduct mass searches of independent journalists, public activists, as well as activists of the Crimean Tatar national movement, and use the entire arsenal of physical and psychological influence on detainees.

PHOTO: Internet