The meeting with Oleg Martynenko, Human Rights activist, expert on the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a representative of the Human Rights Agenda Association, was held today, on August, 26 in Kiev.

The main topic was the quality of the new police, efficiency of the methods used in recruitment and public control of the patrols.

In particular, Martynenko says that anyone who wants to join the ranks of the patrol, is to hit physical qualifying standards, then pass the written exam and be interviewed.

The last point is important, as in addition to psychologists and research associates, social experts will also have access to this selection process. Each employee is to undergo criminal record check. For this purpose the staff of the Ministry of Internal Security and Security Service of Ukraine will be involved.

In general, Martynenko gave a positive assessment of the new patrol police and said that applicants were motivated and kept on improving their work quality.