Chairman of Russia's Islamic Committee, Geydar Dzhemal, died aged 70 due to a long illness in Almaty (Kazakhstan), according to Facebook.

Politician, writer, philosopher and poet, Geydar Dzhemal, was born in Moscow on November 6, 1947. He was one of the founders of the Islamic Renaissance Party in 1990. In 1995, he founded the social movement "Islamic Committee," and took part in the elections to the State Duma in 1997. Geydar Dzhemal also participated in The Dissenters' Marches, the actions aimed to reform political system of Russia. He is the author of six books on theology and philosophy.

Dzhemal criticized the repressive policy of the Russian authorities against the Crimean Tatar people. In April 2016, the video was released on Youtube, where he warned about the preparation of major provocation against the Crimean Tatars with a view to their complete destruction.

Photo: Internet