The Russian Defense Ministry will be providing pre-mobilization training for Russian government employees, says the Ministry’s press service. The first group, comprised of 15 senior officers of the Ministry for Development of Far East, Culture, Communications and Mass Communications, commenced a 2-week training course on November 6.

Crimean government employees and their colleagues from Kalmykia, Tuva and other Russian regions will undergo training at a military academy of the Russian General Staff. According to the Defense Ministry’s press service, government employees are to take courses twice a year.

“Upon completion of the training, graduates will take a test of the skills they picked up,” reads a message posted on the Defense Ministry’s website.

By conducting training, the Russian authorities are trying to enhance pre-mobilization preparation of government employees, as well as mobilization itself. The courses are being provided pursuant to an order of Russian President issued on June 17, 2015 whereby mobilization reserve is to be created in Russia.