Minister of Social Policy Andrey Reva said the number of IDPs in Ukraine exceeds 1,783,000. 956 000 of them are pensioners a third part of whom have not received pensions due to the problems in the Ukrainian legislation, reported a QHA correspondent.

- One of the main reasons is inconsistence of normative legal documents, which were issued earlier by the Cabinet of Ministers, with the legislative norms, said the Minister of Social Policy.

As of today, 350 thousand immigrants are waiting for pension payments. According to the Ministry of Social Policy, 72 thousand of IDPs are people with disabilities.

June, 16 Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko instructed the local government leaders and Chairpersons of regional and district State Administrations to ensure full implementation of the Cabinet’s resolution on the payment of pensions and social benefits to immigrants as well as organize proper control over the funds earmarked for IDPs from the state budget and the Pension Fund.

Photo: UNIAN