In Kiev, February 18, a memorial procession was held dedicated to those who died during the Revolution of Dignity: "Heavenly Hundred Heroes Memorial Procession," a QHA correspondent reports from the scene.
11.45 - The event was over, the participants began to disperse.
11.35 - Procession participants observed a minute of silence in honour of the victims in the result of the clashes on Maidan. Some activists knelt in memory of Heavenly Hundred.
11.30 - Patriots sing the Ukrainian National Anthem accompanied by the orchestra.
11.25 - Procession participants move to the exit of Khreshchatyk metro station in Institutska Street where they are joined by a military orchestra and a group of priests.
11.15 - activists began to go up the Heavenly Hundred Heroes Street with patriotic slogans "Glory! Glory! Glory to the Heroes of Heavenly Hundred! ".

11.10 - Patriots move to the Maidan (The Independence Square) headed by the four soldiers who carry the flag of Ukraine, followed by two activists who carry a basket of flowers. Two more people are carrying the Orthodox icon of the Intercession. The procession is also accompanied by 17 priests. No provocation observed.
The stage s already set by Stella monument of Independence of Ukraine on the Maidan.
11.00 - activists lined up in rows outside the Ukrainian House. Khreshchatyk Street is closed, metal detectors installed on its both  sides. The police and the National Guard patrols observe the streets and safeguard the rule of law.
10.30 - At this point about 200 people gathered at the square. Volunteers of Kulchitski battalion arrived to the Procession as well.
Exhibition "The focus of the event" presented at the square, shows the works of Ukrainian photographers who have experienced the drama of the Revolution of Dignity along with its characters.
10.20 -  Volunteers of the "Aydar" Battalion, representatives of the Maidan Self-Defense  and the Armed Forces of Ukraine gathered outside the Ukrainian House, as well as participants of the Revolution of Dignity, there are about 100 people.
Reference: February 18, 2014 the Maidan activists attempted a peaceful march to Parliament building, where they were to consider amendments to the Constitution and to limit the President's right. Many thousands procession faced a cordon of militia and "Berkut" in the  Grushevskogo Street who blocked the entire government quarter. Activists then broke through the police cordon. Tires burned on Grushevskogo Street. All the Kyiv subway was shut down allegedly in connection with the threat of terrorist attack. At the same time, the confrontation began on the Maidan. The security forces began the so-called anti-terrorist operation in the evening. The offence was led both from the Grushevskogo and Institutska Streets. The shooting started. The security forces also used grenades. In response, the protesters were throwing stones and firing salutes. The fire started in the House of Trade Unions, where at the time was a Maidan first-aid station. It took more than a day to put it out. Activists pulled people out of the fire with their own forces. Around midnight, the Independence Square and the area of ​​St. Michael and St. Sophia's Square were cut off the electricity. 47 - According to Maidan medical service, as a result of clashes on February 18, 23 people were killed, February 19 - eight people died, and clashes on February 20 resulted in 47 casualties.