Currently, Crimean Tatars are at risk in their own homeland, said Alexander Matveichuk, a human rights activist, coordinator of Euromaidan-SOS social initiative, a press conference "Two years of legalization of annexation of Crimea. Harassment, repressions in Crimea and IDPs problems in Ukraine. "

- Now Crimean Tatars are in danger since legal and extralegal instruments of pressure are used against them such as raids, beatings, disappearances, tortures. The list goes on, said Alexandra Matveichuk.

The human rights activist commented on the situation concerning the claim to ban the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People and called to fight for justice.

- The prohibition entails a number of consequences- ban on media, ban on the Crimean Tatar symbols and convictions on a national basis, said Alexandra Matveichuk.