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In order to protect Ukrainian citizens crossing Crimean border from violation of their rights by the border guards, a memory to be installed in all the trains, informing the passengers about the rights of the guarders, in particular what they should and should not require.

The human right activists record stream of applications from citizens of Ukraine who face violation of their rights by Ukrainian border guards on Crimean-Ukrainian border.

Victims’ claim that they are required a written statement on “why the citizen Ukraine wants to move in Ukraine”.

A website of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBS) informs that when crossing the administrative border with Ukraine the Crimean citizens should have documents that confirm their identity and citizenship, referring to the Ukrainian Law “On protection of rights and freedoms of citizens and legal regime in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine”. It is not provided by this law to submit any other certificates, invitations or other written evidence of the purpose of travel.

However, the requirements of the law and the situation in practice differ significantly, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union informs.

The representatives of the Strategic Litigations Platform identified top 5 violations by the Ukrainian border guards, which the citizens of Ukraine had to face when leaving the Crimea.