Yesterday, on March 5, the Kremlin-controlled Kyiv district court of Simferopol extended the term of detention in custody for three Crimean Tatar activists. One of them is Suleyman Asanov, whom Russian security forces detained at the end of last year in Bakhchysarai. At the court Asanov made a speech, which later was published by Mumine the wife of political prisoner Seyran Saliyev.  

QHA publishes the text of the appeal of the activist.

“I do not consider myself to be guilty of anything. And I compare all these today's indiscriminate accusations against us to the trials that the prophets suffered. You all know that the prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) was also subjected to pressure from those who did not want to take the word of truth. So, today I compare and perceive all this as pressure on us.

I do not need anyone's excuse. God is enough for me as the Helper and the Protector. The main thing is that He should be pleased with me ...

I trust in God. I know, all people know: no one has seen evil from us. And now "packs" of people are imprisoned under the article on terrorism ... We have never had any problems with terrorism. And now normal people, very respected ones, I will not speak for myself, but doctors - an intelligent layer of the population - suddenly were turned into terrorists ...

My position is the following: I do not and will not consider myself guilty, because I  follow the letter of the law that the God has revealed. I trust in God. I rely on Him. And it is enough for me to have  Him as a Helper and a Protector. You can do anything with my body, put it in jail, but my soul and every person belongs to the Almighty."

Earlier QHA reported that the so-called court in the Crimea left in custody three Crimean Tatars.