On Volodymyr Hill in Kyiv, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate Patriarch (UOC-KP) held a solemn event dedicated to the celebration of the 1028th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus-Ukraine. During his speech, the Patriarch of the (UOC-KP) said that we would not have been in the state of war, if there was One Ukrainian church, a QHA journalist reports.

“If we had One Church, we would not have lost Crimea, and the war would not have started in the East. We must have one Autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which would not obey either Moscow or Constantinople. We should have our own independent from anyone Church,” said the Patriarch of the UOC-KP.

In addition to the morning activities, the UOC-KP will hold a procession with participation of 20 thousand people walking from St. Volodymyr's Cathedral to Volodymyr Hill at 11.30 am. When asked by journalists about undertaking the security measures similar to yesterday’s one (during the procession of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate), Patriarch Filaret joked:

“Our procession will be peaceful, unlike yesterday’s one.”

Photo: Internet