Sevastopol residents observe the price spike occurred on the eve of the holiday season.

“The master plan comes and goes, but you always want to eat. Meat, the longitudinal back muscle, bought on Friday, was 310 rubles, today it is 366; smoked Mackerel is 490, but it used to cost 460,” a local resident wrote in one of the online city communities.

Other Sevastopol residents note that such prices are not for citizens, but for visitors.

“This is a commercial aberration. The products are expensive both in the market and in supermarkets. Apples are 100 rubles, when in Simferopol you can buy them for 50. Apparently, prices are intended for tourists with a thick purse,” a source quotes a local resident.

Earlier QHA reported that during the occupation of the peninsula, food prices have grown at least twice.

PHOTO: Internet