The so-called "Head of the Crimea" Sergei Aksyonov examined several beaches in the resort villages of the Alushta region. The villages need urgent repair of the treatment facilities and the garbage should be regularly removed, Aksyonov stated on his Facebook page.

“Yesterday we examined 15 km of beaches in the Alushta region: In the villages of Pryvitne, Rybachye, Solnechnogorsk and Malorechenskoye. The situation is dreadful. If the beach area of the villages is in an acceptable state, then the problem with treatment facilities and the removal of waste life is extremely acute. Infrastructure is not available as a class. - wrote the "head" of the occupied peninsula.

Speaking about systematic cleaning there is no sense, says Aksenov, because the frequency of waste disposal is not controlled in principle, and all villages have only one sewage machine. Correct the situation should be representatives of the "authorities".

“Our task as authorities is to help entrepreneurs and to prevent illegal discharge of sewage into the sea. Tourists coming to these beaches should not bathe in dirty water, otherwise they will never return here again," Sergei Aksyonov stated.

At the same time, the task of all local entrepreneurs is to ensure compliance with sanitary standards, Aksyonov claims.

PHOTO: Internet