In Simferopol mosques, churches and synagogues proposed to install security cameras and "alarm buttons."

Participants of the "interconfessional council`s meeting" announced such initiative in the Russian city administration, where an issue on antiterrorist protection of religious buildings was considered.

“To date, direct requirements on this case in the federal legislation are not provided,” said a representative of the operating department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) Natalia Pogorelova.

The initiative was explained by the fact that these measures will "significantly reduce the risks of illegal activities", and in case of incidents - "will help to law enforcement agencies."

Herewith, it was reported at the meeting that a steady trend towards a reduction of the facts of such illegal activities in Simferopol is now being registered.

Pogorelova noted that this year the term of a comprehensive plan on anti-terrorist activities is coming to an end. Since 2019, a new document will come into force.

Earlier it was reported that in occupied Crimea, representatives of the "Akura" company with the help of a specialized vehicle demolished unfinished mosque Ar-Rahman, that was built on the money of the local community.

Source: Новости Крыма (Crimean News)