Hubedin Saledinov, the interpreter in the case of Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People Ilmi Umerov, admitted that during his calls to the FSB, he several times re-signed the updated text of the translation, Ayshe Umerova reported from the courtroom.

“The translator told a very important thing, that he was called 3-4 times in the Federal Security Service to re-sign the updated text of the translation. He says that he did not read all 30 sheets each time, but just signed it. Another confirmation of fabrication,” she wrote.

Umerova noted that Hubedin Saledinov is an employee of Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University and works at the Crimean Tatar Scientific Research Institute. According to her information, his basic specialty is German language philologist, and a diploma of a Crimean Tatar language specialist was issued to him on the basis of retraining courses at the Institute for Advanced Studies.

“It can be seen from the materials of the case that investigator Skrypka sent a request to CIPU to the rector Fevzi Yakubov asking to translate a video recording of the speech. The order was apparently written to Saledinov and, after the translation was done, the answer in the printed version was sent to the FSB with the signature of Yakubov and the interpreter on each sheet of the translation,” Aishe Umerova reported.

Furthermore, she pointed out the huge number of differences between the video interview and the translation of Saledinov. In his defense, Saledinov said that he gave the investigator a handwritten version and did not see the printed one.

"The extended questions of a journalist look like two or three words, and Umerov's answers are supplemented with different phrases that he does not say in the video, generalizations and additions, which is by the way inadmissible in a literal translation, are throughout the text." Umerova notes. – “To the remarks of lawyers and the father himself about these differences, Saledinov replied that due to the fact that he did not own a computer, he handed over the handwritten version of the translation to the investigator who typed the text himself (the manuscript was not returned) and noted that, this allegedly was the reason for existing editions. And he also promised to tell me something about these corrections, when they finish with the translation in the courtroom.”

The court also granted the lawyers' request to call investigator Skrypka for questioning, in order to clarify where the reports of witnesses Budko and Bondaryuk came from in the case materials. The next meeting will be held on July 26 at 15.00.

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