In the occupied Crimea in the village of Berehove near Feodosia, under the pretext of improving the beaches, the Red Book plants are destroyed, the Crimean public figure Sergei Tsypkin reported on Facebook.

He informed that "landscaping" works resulting in the destruction of rare flora, were attended by the son of the "Head of administration" of the settlement, who is a local "employee of the Ministry of Ecology".

"Improvements" in Feodosia continue. Today, with the permission of the Head of the administration of the village of Berehovoe on the beach, work was carried out, as a result of which the Red Book plants were destroyed. A staff member of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Crimea (son of the Head of the Berehovoe administration) was present there and then just quietly left.”

Earlier, in the end of November 2016 in Feodosia, on the orders of local officials, the Red Book Pines were cut down. The local police refused to react on the activists’ appeals on the incident, citing the fact that the plants did not have any owner.

PHOTO: Internet