In the occupied Sevastopol, the "authorities" of the city forbade holding mass events of the organization "Russian Bloc", which stands for cultural relations of Crimea with Russia. The ban became known from the monitoring of human rights violations in February 2018, prepared by the Crimean Human Rights Group.

Because of the ban on mass rallies in Sevastopol, activists of the "Russian Bloc" held a series of one-person pickets.

“The placards of the picketers said: "Putin, restore people’s equality before the law", "Carry out judicial reform, stop frankpledge in courts", "We demand to stop arbitrariness and ordered cases", "Do not kill small business", "Sevastopol is not a feeder , but the city of Russian glory ", the text of the monitoring reports.

Experts of the Crimean Human Rights Group stressed that for the same actions of the Crimean Tatar activists last year Russian security forces detained more than 80 people and fined them for sums ranging from 10 to 15 thousand rubles.

"This practice testifies to the disproportionate attitude of the authorities to various groups of the population and the selective application of Russian legislation on the basis of ethnic, religious affiliations and convictions," human rights activists emphasize.

Reference: In the spring of 2014 the leader of the "Russian Bloc" announced the creation of the so-called "Crimean self-defense" in Sevastopol. The party supported Viktor Yanukovych and advocated "active integration of Ukraine with Russia and Belarus." In Ukraine, the Russian Bloc party was banned in May 2014.

Earlier, QHA reported that in the occupied Crimea fines of the Crimean Tatar activists are still paid off.