Border management of FSB of Russia in the Republic of Crimea and "production and assembly center" Start-7 "(Zarechny, Penza region) signed a contract to build a 50-kilometer fence on the "border" of the Crimean Peninsula with Ukraine, according to the materials on the public procurement website.

The price of the contract, according to the documents, amounted to almost 204 million rubles at the initial (maximum) price of about 213 million rubles. The source of financing is funds from the federal budget of Russia.

The Penza company is recognized as the winner of the electronic auction, in which, apart from it, two more structures participated: Rosstroy64 from Saratov and StroySpetsProekt from Krasnodar.

Earlier, the Crimean border guards announced a tender for the supply and installation of a full-profile fence with a length of 49.5 kilometers. The place of work is Krasnoperekopsky district in the north of the peninsula.

“Currently, a planned equipping of the Russian-Ukrainian section of the border is being carried out, and the construction of 50-kilometer engineering fencing in the north of Crimea is its next stage," the representative of the FSB border guard department in Crimea told Interfax.

The engineering barrier is intended "for use as a part of technical protection systems for objects of various purposes both as a physical obstacle and as an element of the construction of means for detecting the vibration and radio-wave principle of operation," reads the documents for procurement.

The height of the engineering barrier will be 2.1 m above the ground, penetration into the ground - 0.3 m.

The fence should be easy to mount and make it difficult to climb over it.
The fence is expected to appear in the first half of 2018: the delivery time of the goods is until March 30, the deadline for completion of works is until May 25.

Note that on December 19, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning human rights violations in the occupied Crimea.

Unlike the previous one, adopted a year ago, the new document recognizes the situation in the Crimea as an ongoing occupation and an international armed conflict. Moreover, the resolution requires Russia to "fully and immediately" comply with the decision of the International Court of Justice in the case "Ukraine vs. Russia" of April 19 this year on interim measures, in particular, to resume activities of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people.

Source: Interfax